Irene Villeneuve

Irene Villeneuve


Irene Villeneuve – Associate Broker

Telephone: +1, 734.548.4805


Irene Villeneuve now is in the Franklin Realty, Inc. role as Associate Broker, who combines an astutebusiness/market sense,steeped-legacyads withbroad-based real estateacumen, todeliverproven results as to meet real estate client’s [seller/buyer] expectations.



Formerly for past 42 years, licensed realtor, associate broker, and principally operated State Wide Vs Realty, Inc. at its maximum it had, three (3) staffed offices engaging real property seller/buyer realty assistance across Washtenaw, Western Wayne, Monroe counties with respect to single-family homes and vacant property.

Also Irene, is a Certified General Appraiser doing full-appraisals, field reviews, drive-byappraisals that aidstrategic guidance/planning, acquisitionsand developments forinvestmentfirms, credit-unions, banks,private equity, Fannie-MAE/Freddie-MACbusiness operations and compliance.

Hands on practitioner who engagesinend-to-end professionalservicedelivery,throughout all residential real estate process work-flow requirements and verification.  She holds credentials: Certified Residential Specialist (CRS); a graduate from Real Estate Institute, Real Estate Alumni of Michigan (RAM) affiliated with University of Michigan; Michigan Association of Realtors designate holding GRI status.

State of Michigan | Associate Broker ID# 2381706

General Certified Appraiser | ID# 1201000195